February 14, 2016

3 Reasons To Take Solar Training Classes

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

If you have been putting off enrolling in a Solar Panel Installation course or getting your Solar Training Certification then now is the time to sign up. Solar Classes are filling up quickly for several reasons:

· Winter can be a very expensive time of year because many people still use natural gas to heat their homes. Since the gas companies know this, they increase their prices during the coldest months. That results in many consumers looking for alternate fuel and power sources and that leads to Solar Panel Installation techs being in high demand.

· The economy is showing some signs of recovery but it still has a long way to go before reaching normality. As a result, many families are looking toward solar power to spend less money and live a bit farther off the grid. So, if you have Solar Training then there is a growing market for your skill set right now.

· There are not enough technicians with Solar Training Certification to meet the markets growing need. Homeowners are interested in anything that will give their property an edge if they are trying to sell and thermal systems add 100% to the value of a home. Another advantage is that it will continue saving the owner money throughout the life of the system.

If you are ready to begin your Solar Classes and get your Solar Training Certification then you should start researching these four class types:

1. Solar Thermal System Design and Installation is the basic class that will instruct contactors about the core information regarding thermal systems and their use. This class will cover the installation of solar powered home appliances like hot water heaters.

2. PV Design and Installation is probably the most important class on the list because it deals with the actual Solar Panel Installation. There are a lot of things to learn about the hardware used to mount the panel as well as connecting it to the electrical system of the home.

3. Battery Sytems are not a required part of Solar Training but it is full of useful information because you can offer the customer a reliable backup system that will allow them to live farther of the grid if they wish to. There is a certain amount of coursework the is required to qualify for the certification exam and the most common way to reach that amount is to take this class along with PV Design and Installation.

4. NABCEP PV Design Prep is not really a Solar Class per se. It is a way to recap all of the things that you have learned in the other classes and make sure that you are ready for the information that will be covered in your Solar Panel Certification exam.


IREC Accredited Solar Panel TrainingWhat are NABCEP and IREC?

If you have been looking into Solar Panel Installation Training, then you have probably heard of NABCEP and IREC, but have no idea who they are, or what they mean to your training. Essentially, they are the regulatory bodies who make sure solar power technicians, and solar training companies, have received the certification or accreditation they need to provide their customers with quality installation service and expert training.

NABCEP - the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners – sets the skill level and background experience a technician will need in order to receive national certification in Solar Panel Installation. The certifications offered are for solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels and wind energy installers. To receive Solar Training Certification, you must attend Solar Classes provided by an accredited Solar Training Provider. It involves a minimum number of training hours and course work in your chosen solar installation field, and you must pass the Solar Training Certification Exam provided by NABCEP. Once you have that you are ready to start your career at the highest level – a NABCEP Certified Installation technician or Certified PV Technical Sales professional.

IREC stands for Interstate Renewable Energy Council and is similar to NABCEP, but where NABCEP sets the standards for individual technicians, IREC sets the standards for Solar Training companies. ISPQ is the nation’s highest accreditation for renewable energy training providers and it is awarded through IREC. IREC sends their auditors to the facilities that provide solar classes and solar training in order to observe and approve everything about the company and the training program – from a company’s financial fitness, to the quality of their curriculum. They also ensure that the teachers have the knowledge and experience they need to provide state-of-the-art training. Once the IREC auditors have completed the quality assessments, they submit their reports to the ISPQ board for approval. Accreditation is awarded when the ISPQ board approves the reports.

NABCEP and IREC were formed to make sure the solar classes and solar training offered to the public are of the highest national quality. If you are about to start your training for a career in solar power then you should be aware of these two organizations.  Make sure any Solar Classes you take are offered by a provider with IREC Accreditation. Any Solar Training you receive should be approved by NABCEP to qualify you to take the Solar Training Certification exam. Once solar power becomes more widespread, national certification will be even more important to your career. Consumers are rapidly becoming knowledgeable about solar energy and will want technicians with a nationally recognized Solar Training Certification.

This article was written by Tom Johnson with Click Ready Marketing on the behalf of Solairgen.

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